Justin Trudeau: The Wrong Man for the Liberal Party

September 25, 2019

The inner sanctums of our corporate institutions in Canada are based on merit rather than privilege. I personally feel that Canadians are especially oblivious to a person's privileged state because it paradoxically damages Canada and its citizens of who we are as a nation. Justin Trudeau using the world privileged is opening the doors between the haves and have-nots. Trudeau simply unpacked an invisible knapsack of male-privilege that gives the Liberal Party the license to accept a leader that is ignorant, stupid, and arrogant. Mind you, on the one hand Trudeau may proclaim that he is white, but on the other hand he confers power that does not confer to the moral strength of the Canadian character. Trudeau wants to become dominant against the underprivileged people of color because his conventional wisdom is based on an unearned advantage.


The social obligation of government is that the public has a collective expectation in structuring an orderly society based on expectations that are based on hard work and merit. In Canada, every province experiences their own peculiar problems that are not at the scale of other provinces. That is precisely why other provinces are attacking Justin Trudeau's brownface and blackface scandals that inadvertently portrays the provinces that have become both rich and poor. The provincial leaders that are attacking Justin Trudeau are only reflecting the Liberal machinery that does not address the economic and social impediment that is making provinces inefficient, unfair, and noncompetitive in the global economic arena.


Donald Trump used his brute-force, entitlement, and privilege to win the working class electorate whereas Justin Trudeau displays gentle privilege and narcissism to accomplish the same feat. Trudeau wants to get his hands dirty by mucking his face into black and brown paint that illustrates a false picture of what Canadians stand for collectively. Trudeau's privilege and entitlement invites expectations of a special treatment that involves a preoccupation with defending his rights as a man who is above Canadian law and the working class that forces growth in our great economy.


We all know that Justin Trudeau was young, uninspiring, and mindless when he painted his face brown and black as a way to be the center of the party. However, the females surrounding Trudeau approved and rewarded Justin's sexual privilege. Trudeau simply strengthened his privileged system that arbitrarily rewarded his consciousness on the prerequisite of being dark-skinned. Canadians refrain from offences against other individuals, however voters have to fulfill the expectations of leaders in their public role. There is no state separate from social society, therefore social orders and forces are there to compete with power that is not based on privilege and entitlement.


A Canadian society has to be defined appropriately as people are competent citizens and workers that build the might of the Canadian economy. Privileged norms can not benefit all groups nor can they properly govern behavioral issues for a government to operate under its own brand of being privileged of income. It challenges the mainstream status of income and the social policy of a country that is damaged.


What is wrong with privilege? It engages one with selfish behavior. If you take a look at Gerald Butts and the Prime Minister's Office, the exact same manipulation is perpetrated by entitlement and privilege. The upper class individuals have greater psychological entitlement and privilege and they are more likely to behave in a narcissistic fashion by opting to look at themselves in a mirror or a selfie. Trudeau's selfies perpetrate his own self-image and his own narcissistic useless self in how Canadians view him.


I told the Liberal Party I wanted no part in Canadian politics. My colleagues patted me on the back and accepted my virtue. My virtue is only sustained by my own self-will and my own conscious. I stand by my argument from over 4 years ago that Justin Trudeau is ignorant, stupid, and undeserving to be the leader of Canada. I want Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts to paint their face black or brown and allow their systematic arguments to go against a real Liberal. If Justin Trudeau is defeated I will run for the president of the Liberal Party and I will make damn sure to find an appropriate leader that will have a dark-skinned face that shows their worth is not measured by entitlement or privilege.


The video below shows itself how little influence Canada has in the geopolitical world under Justin Trudeau. Trudeau should've know he would be seated beside China and Brazil. Their leaders, Xi Jinping and Jair Bolsonaro, were both seated while Trudeau didn't budge from his seat. He should have approached them and said, "We have differences and we could work them out, especially with trade." This give Xi the option of standing and shaking Trudeau's hand or Trudeau towering Xi by grabbing and shaking Xi's hand. What Trudeau did was act like a child by not acknowledging the second biggest economy in the world. I want a leader that represents all Canadians; black, brown, white, and so forth, not some 40-year old child that thinks he deserves respect without getting his hands dirty.


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