Justin Trudeau Degrades The Heritage of Canadian Women

September 26, 2019

The trend started over 25 years ago, women are being educated a lot quicker than men and fulfilling critical roles in critical industries such as manufacturing, technology, science, health, and so forth. I'm not here to preach to women, I just want for them to lend me their ears and trust me. I didn't come to praise them, but I came to honor them for the great work they have done for Canada. Canadian women don't need Justin Trudeau to advocate for them, they have the strength and resilience to uplift themselves out of poverty, degradation, and low wages. I've been a Liberal for over 40 years and have met thousands of customers in my workplace, but I've never heard the word privilege as an excuse for what one has done in the past.


Indeed, it was the Prime Minister's Office that informed Trudeau to use the word privilege as an axiom for his blackface and brownface fiasco. However, it was also Trudeau that indicated to all common Canadians that the past is held responsible for every misdeed and judgment towards losing their jobs. What we're dealing with here is not a politician nor teacher, but a celebrity more akin to Kim Kardashian.


Liberal MP Eva Nassif was one of 50 women the Liberals helped elect back in the 2015 campaign, however she wasn't allowed to run in the upcoming elections and says it was all because she refused to post supportive messages on social media in favor of Justin Trudeau. She stated, "I was punished for failing to hail Justin Trudeau as a great feminist in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin when I didn't post anything."


It's like a woman going out on a date with a person and the only thing he/she dose is embellish themselves to who they are and what they are rather than paying attention to understand the other. It is the selfish and privileged aspect of a human being to ignite their importance in establishing the norms of dominance. Liberal MP Eva Nassif is a good woman and was able to see through Trudeau's lack of authenticity because he denies and denies and denies.


MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes saw the same lack of authenticity from Trudeau. It's clear that Trudeau has a problem dealing with women who are less than compliant. When she mentioned that she wouldn't seek re-election in October, she stated, "He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn't appreciate him, that he'd given me so much."


Can you imagine a woman coming home from a hard day of work and receiving absolutely no support from her spouse? Can you imagine coming home and your husband/wife refuses to take their duties seriously? Can you imagine your spouse yelling at you for not accomplishing your duties? Eva Nassif accomplished her duties, yet she was turfed out for not advocating Trudeau's feminism which she didn't believe in. Justin Trudeau is really challenging our perception of what reality stands for. Trudeau went to India and played dress-up, then he had the audacity to tell Canadians he received $1.5 billion in business when the real truth was that those funds were established long ago by private companies, not Trudeau. When his entourage went to China to make a trade deal, they were so disgusted with him that they told him to pack his bags and leave.


The real honeymoon only came with Obama sporting Trudeau's celebrity status rather than Canadian workers. Every time Trudeau screws up you always see his entourage behind him waving their Canadian flags. Eva Nassif refused to wave the flag because Justin Trudeau was not authentic and only his rich white boys, including George Soros, were the ones supporting him. Trudeau is not well-liked in the geopolitical world, he has little to no influence with regards to the international stage that Canada belongs to. The real problem is that Trudeau simply can't remember Eva Nassif and that is his own problem.


Canadian woman have to come to terms with the fact that empowerment is in their own hands rather than Justin Trudeau's. Once you relinquish that umbilical cord you will soar and have the ability to lead a political party that stands for something rather than nothing. I can't believe that my own political party has decided to turf an outstanding woman who believed in herself and our great country that makes up the Canadian character encompassing all Canadians. Our great Canadian tradition holds up the statue that all men and women are created equal without privilege. Our great Aboriginal lands are given to us by our own ancestors that believe the woman is a caretaker of our own character as a whole.



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