Justin Trudeau Deserves to Lose the Election

October 16, 2019

The NDP made the worst strategic blunder in the history of Canadian Politics by making a deal with the Liberals. The NDP were rising in the polls, and they have 300 candidates competing with Liberals. A leader should never make a deal before the results are in. Many in the NDP Party think Jagmeet Singh is a complete ding-bat for destroying their momentum. This gives Canadians the option of rooting for the underdog, which Scheer has the advantage.


My personal opinion is that the Bloc Quebecois will win 40 to 56 seats in Quebec. They are rapidly rising in the polls due to their charismatic leader that is advocating a Quebec-first policy. The Liberals decided to somehow copy the 2015 federal election platform whereby Trudeau's celebrity status plays a key component and theme in the cultural dynamic of legitimizing a lazy celebrity politician. The Trudeau branding of Canada tarnished a reality gap in how the real world works. He wanted to become a global celebrity actor by branding Canadian domestic policies and by branding his wife.


The danger of the politicization of branding Canada gave rise to discontent and increased polarization within Canadian society. The reason why we have so many political parties today is because the Liberals are offering a nostalgic type of state-branding that becomes a form of playful nationalism. The real problem with Justin Trudeau is that he can not adopt to the problems of Canadian society; he lacks the skills to raise matters as they come to mind.

Trudeau is not a competent managerial leader. Sure, there are institutional instruments to be an effective leader. For example, choosing an effective cabinet as a managerial and executional delivers the appropriate economic benefits to sustain our prosperity and manage our affairs. Trudeau did not organize a competent cabinet entourage to execute internal controls with a clear example being Chyrstia Freeland who will unfortunately fall as one of Canada's worst foreign ministers.


I would agree with most geopolitical scholars and some of my liberal compatriots that arresting Huawei's CEO's daughter was a big mistake. The plane could have been diverted if Trudeau showed some degree of masculinity in the geopolitical world; however he didn't. As of this day, Canada has no markets for lumber, natural gas, oil, pulse, beef, and pork. China retaliated against Canada while refusing to retaliate against Donald Trump. Canada is now subsidizing lumber, pulse, wheat, beef, and pork, and God forbid what else we will subsidize if Trump reaches an agreement with China and Japan.


Trudeau does not have the organizational capacity within the ministerial cabinet departments that assign weight in the geopolitical world that formulates a true authentic leadership towards prosperity and competitiveness. What we have is the type of pop-culture politician that has become a rather rare phenomenon in Canada. My fellow Liberals, the notion of pop-cultural political leadership is valueless because they rise with false expectations and then fall with disappointment. Trudeau has no executive experience in the public and private sector. Indeed, the price of oil collapsed reducing the flow of petrodollars that have historically bolstered Canadian prosperity. However, the real problem with Trudeau's foreign policy is that it's more symbolic rather than practical with little concrete initiative and achievements because the aspirations are never igniting action.


Trudeau is prioritizing soft power as a strategic approach against Donald Trump which unfortunately has not worked over the long-term. The rise of Trump has put every country on edge in transforming their foreign policies to adopt a hard stance and fortify their economic relationship with the US. Trump has a fraternal friendship with Britain, France, China, and Japan. Trump wants trade parity with every major country that they trade with, and these countries are willing to work with the United States by inducing some rationalized understanding of economic prosperity towards them.


Trudeau's nation branding is devoid of policy substance and has wounded Canada's political stature because it only advocates to a mono-logic, hierarchical, reductive form of communication intended to privilege one message and marginalize dissenting voices. The only ones advocating Trudeau's cultural celebrity status is the media and Trudeau's liberal elite friends that do not represent Canada as a nation that fought two World Wars. The two World Wars have established Canadian confidence, Canadian authority, and brought the Nobel Prize to Lester B. Pearson who was a liberal, scholar, and soldier. My liberal friends, it's time to get rid of Justin Trudeau, and since Obama is endorsing him we can be sure that the sun will shine even if Justin Trudeau loses the election. Lester B. Pearson wasn't an attractive man, but he was effective, influential, and always got the job done.



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